Ruth-Berry Jet Pump Parts Diagram

To Test Any Ruth-Berry Pump

Remove pump from well, disconnect air volume control line, cap snifter valve, and connect to a short suction pipe into container of water as illustrated.

  • A. On all shallow well models, leave pressure pipe pluggd, prime pump to service out-let, fill container with water and start pmp. When pump is normal, the pressure will rise above 55 pounds tank pressure – see test pressure on side of tank.
  • B. On all deep well single stage pumps. plug pressure & use same method as A – see test pressure on side of tank.
  • C. On all stage pumps use a 200 pound pressure gauge in pressure pipe and use method A. In this test be careful to check both pressure gauges for correct test.

When ordering, always specify Model Number, Part Number & Description.

Parts Data

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