Ruth-Berry Jet Pumps

It’s a pump in a tank!

For home, agricultural and industrial use, the Ruth-Berry Jet Pump is the most complete pump system in use today. It is compact, easy-to-install and dependable.

The pumping unit is always submerged in water so it can’t lose its prime. Most other water pumps require a control valve to maintain prime. The Ruth-Berry Jet, because it’s submerged, stays continually primed which completely eliminates control problems. It is still unequaled in the industry.

There’s always room for expansion, which means maximum protection against any pump and tank damage from freezing or having to drain and shut down the pump in cold weather.

On weak or gaseous wells, it pumps air, then shuts itself off. The constant prime enables the pump to restart as soon as the well water is back to normal.

Seal protection is another important consideration and, because the Ruth-Berry Jet seal is in constant contact with the water, any damage from heat due to lack of fluid is eliminated.

Ruth-Berry Jet Pumps are available in two types.

  1. Shallow well, single stage for depths up to 25 feet.
  2. Deep well, single stage for depths up to 60 feet.

You also have a choice of epoxy lined tanks with capacity ratings of 26 to 42 gallons.

Shallow Wells

single stage for depths up to 25 feet

Deep Wells

single stage for depths up to 60 feet